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Authenticity Guarantee

Please READ the authenticity information below. We do our best to show and to prove authenticity.

We purchased our goods from outlet stores, department stores, and overstock companies. All Coach ©, Kate Spade © and BCBG © and other designer brands have original retail tags on them. The retail tags may not be available on some brands. All goods are new; they are past season or current season overstock goods.

All our authentic goods come with care cards, instruction cards, and dust bags where applicable. Different designer brands provide different cards; some brands do not provide dust bags or cards.

How can we sell authentic Luxury goods at a discount?

This is because are an internet based company and do not have the high expense of a physical store front. We maintain the web site ourselves and shoot 4 - 12 photos for each product so that you are able to see the product at different angles and the details.

The reason we spend a lot of time taking multiple photos of each item on our site is because our designer goods are authentic and we would like to show you that there is not anything to hide  When you see the small photo of the item you are interested in, click on the photo and it will bring you to a larger photo with description.

Click on the large photo, a pop up window will show up (make sure you allow window pop up). On the top of the photo, it will show how many photos are available, on the top right, click next to view all the photos.

Legal disclaimer

Our company, its officers, employees, and lussoboutique.com do not have any association with any designer brand and/or company such as Coach ©, Juicy Couture ©, Sakroots©, BCBG ©, Kate Spate ©, Laurel Burch © whose products we sell or any product sold through our advertisers on this site. We have no affiliation with these brands or any other brands. The designer brand companies such as Coach ©, Juicy Couture ©, Sakroots ©, BCBG ©, Kate Spate ©, Laurel Burch © and advertisers do not endorse or sponsor our company and lussoboutique.com.

All brands, logos, trademarks, or any other legal marks that we are not aware of are the property of the respective owner of designer brands such as Coach ©, Juicy couture ©, Sakroots ©, BCBG ©, Kate Spate ©, Laurel Burch © and other designer brands.

The Swarovski jewelry that we sell on our site are made of Swarovski© crystal. They are NOT made by the Swarovski© company. There is no relationship between any Swarovski© company and the manufacturer of the finished product. Swarovski© is registered trademark of Swarovski AG.

The mention in words or writing on our site of all the designer brand’s name, trademark, or logo is for information purpose only.

Our company and lussoboutique.com make no representations or warranties of any kind, either exress or implied with respect to the goods sold and the advertisers goods sold through lussoboutique.com.

Our company and lussoboutique.com disclaim all warranties of any kind, express, or implied with respect to the goods we sell on this site and the advertisers good sold through this site, including but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for any purpose.

By purchasing on this site and/or through the advertisers on this site, that means you agree that the only maximum liability to our company and lussoboutique.com arising from any product sold on this site and the advertiser sites shall be the price of the product bought.

Our company, its officers, employees, and lussoboutique.com are not liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages related to the goods sold on this site and the advertisers sites sold through this site.

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